Alamo Family Foot And Ankle Care - Billing is a very disorganized Dept!

They committed Medicare FRAUD!! They charged $1,400 to Medicare after I advised them I didn’t want the special ankle custom made fir me after surgery!

They wanted me to pay upfront $1,400 having two insurances !! So I said I couldn’t afford it n forget about custom made ankle support. Well they still ordered n got it paid n never advised me they did that ! N thst they had the custom ankle support!!

Until 2 yrs later I found out by mail w a statement from Medicare ! Who said if they over charged they should give me that money back to me! Well I called them n they gave me run around n of course never heard of them! After 3 months !!

So I will report them for Medicare FRAUD!! Also b very careful , no one on that facility , washes their hands nor wear gloves !

Product or Service Mentioned: Alamo Family Foot And Ankle Care Surgery.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Alamo Family Foot And Ankle Care - Dr podiatrist Walter Stratsh fraud insurance /medica

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On 2016 I got an ankle surgery , well after a year I decide I need my billing n medical records.. after I have paid fir some services n they promised they will file to my two insurances n I’d get reimbursed !!

Well they were going to order a special needed boot , measured my foot, n made a mold, of course it was going to b for me to stabilize my ankle n foot surgery! But after measuring they told me to ordered since my insurance would not cover it, I needed to pay upfront!! $1,400 dlls!! Well of course I didn’t have that kind of money n said not to ordered specially they r saying , my insurances would not cover it!!

Well I needed it fir support but I had to heal without the right type of support n or boot ! Which it was painful n it took longer to heal! To my surprise when I request billing records I find that they ordered against my will, claimed it to my insurance, never advised me they had it! Plus received $1,400 from my insurance for a boot that was specially made for me!

Not provided it to me when I needed it after big surgery! N now a year and half after when I found out about their Ins. Fraud the lady tells me the boot is there for me to pick it up!! My foot is healed !!

I needed them on April 2016 not now!! I spoke to my insurance n they say the doctors billing department r supposed to have reimbursed that $ to me , because that’s considered overpayment ! Or otherwise is consider Insurance fraud! Well the story they tell me now Jennifer from billing that the wAy it works it’s that they use that over payment to cover other patients that have the same insurance I had back on 2016 which of course I don’t have it no more!

So they say they will use those $1,400 overpayments by my policy, by my insurance , which I paid , premiums, co payments n uncovered services is gonna b used to cover other patients that they make claims fir their services n the insurance doesn’t cover???!!!. What’s wrong w this picture??? They’re lying about trying to fix their mistakes n advise my insurance, n never less to say they won’t give me my reimbursement back for overpayment!! Either they will keep the $ !!!

I will file an insurance fraud n will contact the consumers protection agency !! Since they scammed me!

Denied my right type of equipment n care fir my after surgery ! N they scammed insurance charging for something i never received , nor accept to b ordered!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Alamo Family Foot And Ankle Care Surgery.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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